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How to Set Your Highest Goals

What do you dream about getting, achieving, completing, experiencing etc?

To set up your highest goal, you need to feel 100% motivated to reach it.

When you set goals - write them down. Don't work with too many at the time. If you want to, set them at different dates.

If you dream big and give it all your focus, take the necessary steps and don't stray from the path, you are much more likely to succeed.

Write down step-by-step

1. What do you want get or achieve?

2. What do you want to experience when you have your outcome? What do you see, hear, feel, smell and taste? Where are you? With whom? When in time?

3. Where are you now?

4. What obstacles do you have? External? Internal:

  • In your environment? Where you are?

  • Your behavior? What you actually do?

  • Your skills? Your knowledge? Your strategies? Your energy?

  • Your values? Your motivation? Your beliefs?

  • Your identity? Your roll? Are the goals alined with who you are?

  • Your purpose? Is your "why" clear?

5. What resources do you have? Time, money, friends, support etc

6. Write down your step-by-step plan. Start with the last step, and go backwards. it might seem odd but doing it with the end in mind it will be clearer how much time you have. ex: The goal is in six months time. In five months time I have to do .... In four months time I have to do.... In three months time ........... etc It is then very clear what is needed before you can take steps forward.

7. Celebrate each steps accomplishment. Check you are on the right path. Do a feedback check. If you are not on the right path you need to adjust something.

8. How are you getting the motivation to last? How can you check at each milestone?

Congratulations! Good luck!

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