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International speaker, trainer, leadership coach, change management consultant.



After 12 years in London working in banking, trading interest rates and currencies, we moved back to Sweden. My youngest child was a baby, the others 3 and 5 and I went back to University to study, a 2-year leadership training course. The combination of economy and how people think and behave is very interesting to me because it is vital for leaders and managers to know, and now I could help them in a better way. I've had the privilege to work with organizational change, leadership and group development since 2003, when I started the company Inre styrka AB (meaning Power within). I work with both large and small organisations.

Satisfied customers

includes the public sector as well as large and small companies: ex. Forsen, Electrolux, Magna International och Solenis Technologies Germany GmbH

I'm an insight speaker. 

My audience receives tools to use directly. I talk a lot about team development and how to communicate change. Changes from top-down in organisations fails more often than you think. Mostly because the motivation fades. It's vital to get everyone on board. And keep them motivated over time. Sometimes I speak to lots of people and sometimes a smaller amount of people. I live in Sigtuna, near the airport Arlanda in Sweden and work both in Sweden and abroad. English and Swedish are my languages for work.

My mission is to make a difference in as many peoples lives as possible. If I can help to make good leaders out of managers, it filters down. The employees will have a better work-life, more trust in their teams and feel more motivated and be more efficient. 

A selection of my leadership education:

  • Lic mental trainer and person-, team- and leadership developer, Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan.

  • NLP trainer, INLPTA

  • Master trainer LAB profile, Success Strategies  

  • Trainer Extended DISC

  • Group developer GDQ

  • Mediator in conflicts, Medlingscentrum

  • Coach, Coach2coach Academy

Founder of company Inre styrka AB, Sweden

(F-skattsedel och momsregistrerat)

If your employees don't trust you or their colleagues, do you think you get effective teams and co-operation for your ideas for change?

Birgitta Sjöstrand

xDSC_3093x (1).jpg

Birgitta Sjöstrand, founder of Inre styrka AB 

Photo: Marie Therese Karlberg

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