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For a year, Birgitta and I worked together as a business- and leadershipdevelopers  in the council of Sigtuna. During that time, Birgitta showed a huge register of skills and insights that she generously shared. Birgitta has personal qualities that are incredibly valuable in all groups and I really want to recommend Birgitta to many different types of assignments, as her knowledge extends across many disciplines. Birgitta coached managers so that they not only stayed on their assignment, they also gained new energy in their work. Birgitta always held appreciated training and network workshops with managers, talents and staff groups in all administrations. Birgitta has an eye for both the small details and the large overall perspective which makes her both easy to work with and fun to have her around, and it also gives very good quality of work. 

Camilla Uddman
Head of all schools in

Täby Council

Camilla Uddman

Principal in Uppsala kommun

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Should you work with change management, I highly recommend Birgitta. She gets the whole group with her and can explain in a very artful way the different parts and phases of what a change can mean for everyone involved. How the managers should communicate and face concerns. How communication should take place in different ways to increase understanding and acceptance of change. I have hired Birgitta several times when we have been facing major changes and thus strengthened and equipped the managers to meet this. It has produced good results and the changes I have led have gone smoothly and done with dignity and respect for everyone involved. Should you work on change - take the help of a professional to make it as smooth as possible. / Lena Bjuhr Erngren Quality and Operations Manager Elderly and Care Administration Sigtuna Council.

Lena Bjuhr Erngren
Quality and Operations manager Sigtuna Council


I had the pleasure of working with Birgitta on the International LAB Profile Trainer and Consultant Programme in 2011. It was very demanding working as a Facilitation Coach because of the high calibre of participants, many of whom were NLP Trainers and highly accomplished communication experts. Birgitta consistently gave very valuable and insightful feedback to participants to help them learn and integrate the complexities of the material. She was particularly good at role modelling the patterns she was coaching people on so they got the material on a number of levels. She was great fun to work with and was a highly valued member of the Coaching Team.

David Klaasen

Talent 4 Performance

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