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Public speaker


Understanding change

Insights about successful change and getting the employees onboard. Did you know changes top-down fails with as much as 80%! Do you want to be part of the 20% ? 

During Covid-19, I give speeches digitally.


Building effective teams

You don't always get to pick your own team. Still, people need to work together. This talk will give you insights of what you can do to make you team more effective and productive.

During Covid-19, I give speeches digitally.


Birgitta Sjöstrand

Most photos taken by Marie Therese Karlberg

Meet Birgitta Sjöstrand

Public speaker, trainer, change management consultant, working with motivation, leadership and group development.  

My passion is helping organisations getting more effective and profitable. While at the same time inject joy and motivation in the workforce. 

I work closely with managers and leaders to help them with group development and how to  make employees embrace change. Research shows a large percentage of failure in top - down changes. Maybe as much as 80%. Let me help you!

My Blog

I write about team-development, how to get groups to be more effective. How to get people within the team to trust each other and improve their communication.

Since we live in a changeable world I also write about change management and how to get the people onboard on the change journey. Lots of communication tips in short.


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Birgitta Sjöstrand, Inre styrka AB, Stora Gatan 19 A, 193 35 Sigtuna, Sweden

mail: birgitta(at) or talk(at) Ph: +46704911906

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