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HR Support - A Model

Do you work in HR or as a manager? This model is works very well and will make you an attractive employer.

While working at a HR department, we developed a great support for our managers in 7 key areas. We also had a HR service for quick questions, of course.

1. Team-development using GDQ, a research-based screening that measures a group's efficiency and productivity and provides information on which behaviors are significant to the group at the time of the testing. Working with the group or giving support to the manager on what exercises would suit the groups development.

2. Organizational level, support with operational development and systematic quality work.

3. Individual level, tests ex JobMatch, labour law, early signals for unhealth and rehabilitation.

4. Coaching for managers, coaching one-on-one and also leadership training, networking with other managers, listening to public speakers etc.

5. Mediation, conflicts between employees costs lots of money, loss of energy and productivity in the team where they work when people take sides and it might be sick leave. Mediation takes place after the approval of both parties. Implemented with or without the manager's presence according to a specific model.

6. Disciplinary actions, support for steps the manager needs to take, ex at buyouts or redeployment.

7. Psychosocial mapping, a psychosocial questionnaire that gives a manager a good basis for continued work on the unit with the psychosocial work environment.

Are you working as a manager? What do you think about this model?

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